Thursday, July 7, 2011

School Fete

We have a wonderful school fete at my children's primary school in October each year. I have promised myself that this year I will do more sewing for the fete. In order to do this I have made an earlier start than last year. I finished six aprons last nght. They are plastic coated fabric so easy to wipe down after activities. I bought the fabric at Darn Cheap Fabrics years ago and it has been gathering dust in my stash.

Very pleased with the finished products. My next "fete" project will be some bags. Stay tuned!


Olive Blue said...

Good luck with the sewing for the fete, like the colours of aprons.

chacharose said...

They look great and will sell like hotcakes! Perfect sewing weather in Melbourne at the moment too, enjoy the rest of your hols and remember to step away from the sewing machine every now & then!