Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Year Without Clothes Shopping!!!!

I have been very, very slack on the blog front! However, I have been very, very busy doing lots of other things on the home and work front. I have been planning on blogging since New Year's Day to document somewhere that my two sisters, my Mum, and my good self have decided to have a WHOLE YEAR off buying clothes, shoes and jewellery.

Sounds crazy I know, but between the four of us, we have enough fabric to clothe ourselves and everyone we know for quite some time! So, whilst I am still selling scarves on and at some markets, my focus this year is going to be on keeping my wardrobe updated. I plan to use up lots of lovely pieces of fabric from my stash as well as patterns I have owned for a long or short goes.....I did quite a bit of sewing over the January break and also in snatches since returning to work 4 days per week.

I made myself a lovely dress for my 40th birthday (not too long ago!)....I picked up the fabric as a remnant which cost me $20. It was a charcoal satin with metal threads so it crushed nicely.

Earlier in the year (sorry for the back tracking!)I decided to make myself an everyday dress for work using the same Simplicity pattern (2724) - it turned out OK. Maybe a bit busy for my liking.
Well I feel like I have redeemed myself by finally blogging. I have lots of other projects to share - just a matter of getting them photographed and online!