Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nilly There!

In just over two weeks I am taking long service leave (makes me sound old!) from my 'real' 4-day a week job. I do not return until next year. I am really looking forward to some time at home with Mstr.3 and also being able to help out at school with Mstr.8 and Miss.6. It will just be so nice to take off one of my many "hats" and concentrate on being Mum! Of course, there is also the allure of a little bit more time with my friend the Pfaff!! I am having a stall at the Sisters' Market in Brunswick on October 9th as well as the Flemington Twilight Market on November 13th. I am busily making what I hope will be enough scarves to take with me. Somewhere in between we are going to Queensland for two glorious weeks.........maybe Pfaff should come too?

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